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Good enough

20. září 2007 v 18:07 | strejcek |  UNCLE'S DIARY
Even week is really crazy. I am still at school. I had to complete some administrative work. I wish I did not have to do this and just teach. Unfortunately it is necessary part of this nice job.
I enjoyed this week very much even that I had so many lesson squeezed in a few days. On Wednesday I got a new class - first grade of cooks and waiters. I think we like each other so It looks good. I was also teaching Ethic again. I was afraid a bit as I was very tired going there, but it worked out well. These little ones are very cute. I was also afraid of today because I went to bed very late because of celebration of my birthday and worming up our new flat. I wonder how about I am still, kind of, fresh.
Well, It was supposed to be a teacher diary. I should write here my impressions of my teaching. Today I am just able to say, that it was a good week. It is good enough, isn't it?

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