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12. září 2007 v 17:46 | Kmotter Harry |  UNCLE'S DIARY
I forgot about writing yesterday, so I am going to write about both - yesterday and today .
As it is even week at the moment, I have met very new class - KPL1. It will be good but challenging as the first lesson, I suppose.
I went to the classroom with an assumption they had been already split in two language groups. Unfortunately they had not. I came before teacher of German, so I was challenged to solve the situation on my own. At least, It looked so. Fortunately she came just after I had checked the presence.
There were majority of students intending to attend English classes, so we needed to put them in a balance somehow. I had been told that I was expected to give them separating test. Well, I had none ready. I only had ready my introduction lesson for estimated number of twenty maximum. Fortunately among the activities there were some promising to give a good and quick insight into the group.
I gave out blank cards that student should have written their names on. On the opposite side they were asked to do the task. Firstly I let them write about their loveliest holiday memory. With presumption it might have been difficult for somebody I allowed them use "Czenglish" (to use as much English sentences or word as they can; to use Czech for the rest. I still do it myself :) Secondly I let them see a scene from SmartBoard CD, where there was an English lesson by one English teacher teaching the similar class. I used this as a model lesson to demonstrate new teaching tool in our classroom. Additionally, it should give me a chance to check their listening skills.
Last activity that I would like to mention was picking up those cards. Instead of picking them up straight away I used the game. I have asked one student the particular question we heard in a film: "How can I help you?" This student should have answer: "Please, give me the paper. " I gave him the card. Then he should ask the same question somebody else. While they were passing and piling the cards they were also revising English we used during that lesson.
Today, I was not teaching English but Ethic at ZS Curie. It was my lesson with first grade in elementary school after five years. When I entered the class I was so surprised how little they are :) If it is often hard to attract the attention of young adults, these little ones listened and related to me straight away. As it was the first lesson, we just went trough the simple rules and useful rituals, then we played few games to learn each others names. What impressions? They appreciate rules, they love rituals, they fancy moving and enjoy communicating. They need to be accepted and affirmed. There was nobody excessively shy and no one with apparent behavioural problems. We will see next time. I am looking forward to it with hope for the duration of inspiration from above.

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1 Ivyst Ivyst | Web | 12. září 2007 v 17:47 | Reagovat

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